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Ngành nghề: Giáo dục/Đào tạo, Cấp quản lý điều hành, Dệt may/Da giày

Cấp bậc: Trưởng (phó) phòng

Mô tả công việc: * The incumbent is responsible to lead Training Centre and all of its development activities including technical training in shoe making process, process promotion and rotation from operator to become a supervisor and/or other position in production & technical area. Training Centre Manager is also responsible to conduct training on how to make shoe for newly hired staffs and operators as well as to support recruitment process for operators.
* Finally, the incumbent is also responsible for managing organization structure and manpower of Training Department in line with approved manning table requirements
* Duties and Responsibilities
- Conduct and monitor training activities programs :
- Prepare training participant also the program and send to upper production:
- Determine capacity for each training program
- Inform the capacity of training to production coordinator in upper production
- Receive list from production coordinator related to participants and training need from each operator
- Organize team to conduct training for the operator also the material to be given:
- Determine instructor who will conduct the training and its material also prepare its material
- Coordination with other department in the production & technical area to deliver training for the operator about the production process related to their department.
- Coordinate with HR Department to conduct induction training on how to make shoe for newly operators
- Evaluate post training delivery
- Lead the post training evaluation activities, by follow up production line prior training accomplishment:
- Ensure to discuss with supervisor for effectively training given at the floor
- Monitor the process of checking operator progress by evaluate their daily activity report
- Communicate with works study related to training evaluation in analyse working speed and method for affectivities issues
- Ensure the instructor to create weekly report about the progress performance of trained operators combined with the work study evaluation
- Ensure the instructor to produce final performance report of the operator for their performance during training and on the job training (transition)
- Manage promotion, recruitment and turnover:
* Promotion :
- Assist production in evaluating the candidate for technician / supervisor to review their progress in weekly basis due to promotion process as requested by upper production manager
- Recruitment : Coordinate with HR Department in selecting and testing candidate for new operator
- Turnover : Coordinate with recruitment / production to reduce the number of turnover
* Conduct assessment technical skill :
- Check in the production line and doing observation to see used method for correction issues by comparing the category of each operator
- Invite the operators to give them test as per requested by DC’S
- Assist in trial of new article or new machine for upper production before mass production or used in production
- Maintain training database which consists of name of participant, department, position, result, type of training, time of training and the instructor
- Provide weekly and monthly report to superior
- Oversee HSE in Training centre area working environment:
- Check the safety tool measurement regularly to ensure the HSE of working environment in training centre area
- Develop, manage, appraise and review subordinates performance to provide individual feedback, enhance their professional development and improve the department’s overall performance.
- Responsible for follow up and proper execution of all people factory procedures related to the department
- Manage organization in Training Department to achieve and improve team members’ overall performance
- Manage work distribution within organization and ensure the organization chart and job description is updated and accurate
- Ensure availability of updated and appropriate standard working procedure for subordinates
- Ensure the subordinates’ development to fit the competencies requirement
- Appraise and review subordinates’ performance to provide individual feedback
* Safety
- Ensure employee safety and awareness and safe working environment within the Training Department (according to safety policy)
- Ensure up to date and approved ISO policies within the Training Department and that those are implemented and followed as per agreement with the head of ISO

Yêu cầu công việc: - Min. Bachelor Degree major in Education or General Management
- Minimum 5 years of experiences in area of Education / Training / Human Resources in shoe industry
- Minimum 3 years of experiences in labour intensive industrial in the level of chief
- English: Fluent

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